Athena Lundberg Athena Lundberg from Mountain View, California was Playmate of the Month for January 2006. A profile in her own words:

AMBITIONS: To become a successful model and be able to help the people I care about the most.

TURN-ONS: A guy with a great smile, someone who likes to cook for me and has a sense of humor.

TURNOFFS: Cheaters, liars, poor hygiene, being selfish and disrespectful.

EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE: The ability to love herself.

FAVORITE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: I like to be in the water, whether it's the ocean or a lake. I love boating and also horseback riding.

FAVORITE MOVIE AND WHY: Sin City because it's completely different from any other movie I've seen. There's humor, violence and love, all in one movie.

PLACES I WANT TO VISIT AND WHY: The Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti, Greece—places that remind me of paradise.